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The Grotto is closed.

It was a great run while it lasted.


The idea of the Grotto was based on friendship, writing, and living a life powered by creativity. It was a noble idea, and it taught us a lot about life and art and fame and celebrity. Lots of laughs and backslapping along the way, and plenty of hard times, too. If the cubicles could talk... (we're sure novels are already in the works).

As you go forward on your creative journey, all we can offer is to be kind to each other and recognize that writers need friends more than fame if they plan to be in the game for the long term. 


In our absence, there are a host of other great writing schools out for. We don't list them here because the web can tell you more than we care to track, but there are lots of great writers, teachers, and colleagues just waiting to be tapped.

Be well,

—The Grotto Creators

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