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The Grotto is closed.

It was a great run while it lasted.


The idea of the Grotto was based on friendship, writing, and living a life powered by creativity. It was a noble idea at the outset, and it taught us a lot about life and art and the price of pursuing fame and celebrity. Lots of laughs at the outset. A lot of backslapping along the way. The scene resembled a den of vipers at the end. We even had to kick out one of our founders. If the cubicles could talk... Maybe some of the lessons we learned will stick. Time will tell.

As you go forward on your creative journey, all we can offer is to not fall into the trap of chasing fame at all costs like many of us did. It's a friendship killer. And writers need friends if they're going to be in the game for the long term. So hold your most noble ideals close, embody integrity, and keep a pebble of humility in your shoe. These things might make your journey more enjoyable, and they will certainly make you easier to live with.


In our absence, there are a host of other great writing schools out for. Among them, check out our friends at the Writers Studio. They're good people over there.

Be well,

—The Grotto Creators

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